Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Today is a special day dedicated to those women in our lives who gave birth to us, have children of their own, surrogate children, adopted children and fur babies.  You know who you are.  Some of us still have our moms in our lives, others of us don't.  Some of us want to be moms but aren't able too. I know this day can be hard for you, especially when we are all celebrating.  Please know that I am sensative to your feelings.  

However, I find that one of the greatest ways we can honor our mothers (both living and passed), it to cherish their favorite recipes.  Through food, most of us have fond memories of times in the kitchen and around the table, that have in some way or another been influenced by cooking with some mom-like person in our lives whether it be our moms, grandmothers, aunts or our best friend's mom.  

For me, my mom, grandmother and bubbah, have all influenced my cooking over the years.  At an early age, I remember spending summers in my bubbah's kitchen, watching her bake cookies, strudel and of course her famous chicken soup.  Around Thanksgiving and in the winter we would go to my grandmother's.  At Thanksgiving she would make her wild rice casserole and during winter break, I discovered my love of bagles, nova and cream cheese.  At home, my mother taught me how to make Matzah brie during Passover, brisket for family dinners during the week and in general healthy eating habbtis.  

Today, all of these dishes have morphed into recipes I make for my family.  Some are recipes that are tried an true like the wild rice casserole.  Others, like my bubbah's chicken soup, are ones that I have tinkered with to make my own.  I'm hoping that as my daughters grow up and start to develope their own interest in food and cooking, they will show interest in the dishes I make, learn them and then incorporate them in to their own healthy cooking as they get older.

So in honor of the "moms" out there today, pick your favorite recipe (or have your significant other do it) and make it.  Don't have a favorite one, then pick one of your favorite dishes and make it a Mother's Day tradition.  Start building those lasting memories today!

Happy Mother's Day!

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