Pinterest and the Planner

Years ago, long before the digital/internet revolution, compiling ideas for your event was a very physical and sometimes arts and crafts type of project.  It required buying and going through piles of magazines, cutting out pictures and pasting them into an “idea folder” so that you’d have something to show to all the vendors to try and convey some sense of how you envision your event.

Nowadays, especially with the advent of sites like Pinterest, access to ideas and images is a click away. People now put together idea boards for projects and events beyond their imagination, and those boards soon become the stuff of their dreams. 

As an event planner, I am thrilled when clients come in ready to share their vision.  In the past they have often come with a binder or folder of ideas.  However today I’m seeing more electronic tablets, Smart Phones, and Pinterest boards reflecting their ideas and vision they have for their event.  Honing those ideas, pulling them into focus, and weaving them together with specific, personal touches is of utmost importance to pulling them off properly.   Ensuring that all the elements work together perfectly, and seeing each through to realization is our specialty.

Access to an entire world of ideas, and the advent of sites like Pinterest, has taken the level of available ideas and inspiration to the next level.  Thus, it seems the trend that has events stepping further away from the conventional, and embracing a more “out-of-the-box”, unique, personalized kind of vibe is destined to continue.  It seems shared ideas spark new ideas ou acheter cialis.  No doubt, good for all.  

Even with Pinterest boards galore, bringing ideas into focus, coordinating details, and facilitating everything that makes a vision successful in reality can be a daunting task.  Be it a wedding, a mitzvah, a corporate meeting, or fundraiser, organizing and overseeing all the aspects of an event can be overwhelming.  Event planners not only help make it possible, they make it so that the pictures of your event become the hottest ideas being re-pinned.


  • Make board names specific, pins can accumulate quickly, the more refined the category the easier the info is to access later
  • Create your own gift registry – having a wedding, birthday, baby, special day?  Post ideas for friends and family so that you actually get gifts you want.
  • Tag friends/coworkers and have them comment/collaborate on your pins
  • Keep your boards up to date
  • Make sure your event planner is following you  

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On the Subject of Me

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