Purple and Orange: It’s Not Just for Halloween

This month we have had the pleasure of working with two clients who have asked us to plan and design their events incorporating purple and orange, which are trending colors this fall.  Purple and orange are very strong and dominate colors.  However, even with these two bold colors in play, RM Creative Events has successfully blended them for two spectacular events creating fun, invitations, décor and favors for our clients.

The first was a Bar Mitzvah.  When we first met with our client, she told us the overall theme was hockey.  The challenge, we had to incorporate her son’s favorite color purple and orange as well as event the tagline “Campbell Conference” into the overall event decor.  To meet the challenge, we created customized invitations, custom centerpieces and accessories, utilizing the Bar Mitzvah boy’s favorite colors and logos.

Guests received a customized invitation from our Checkerboard Collection.  The client loved the sophistication and sentiment of the invitation she chose and had us substitute the standard invitation insert stock with the aubergine (eggplant) colored stock, with matte silver ink.  We also included custom photofetti, when assembling the invitations which included pictures of the Bar Mitzvah boy and various shades of purple and silver confetti.

During the cocktail reception, adult guests picked up their own personalized water bottles, which also served as their seating card.  The table was draped in black linen with a glitter sparkled NHL Stanley Cup inspired trophy in the center. 

The children picked up their seating cards, as they entered the ball room during the cocktail hour.  The table was draped in black linen and accented by two custom balloon clusters. 

As guests entered the ball room, they were greeted by tables draped in black linen featuring a custom centerpiece, composed of a glass jar filled with candy, topped with lids transformed into a hockey puck with two crossed miniature NHL hockey sticks.  The centerpieces were not only decorative, but functional.  Initially, they served to identify which table the guests were seated.  Later, for dessert, the lids were removed and reset on the table, while the candy jars went to a candy bar for dessert.  To add some height to the centerpieces, we added clusters of “Campbell’s Got Ice? Conference” custom designed balloons, to alternating tables.  To complete the tables, we sprinkled the custom photofetti (also included in the invitations) on the tables. 

The second event was a Bat Mitzvah. The theme for this fun loving, but sophisticated client was her favorite books.  The challenge was to combine 18 different titles with purple and orange for centerpieces to create an elegantly and cohesively decorated space and make sure that it did not look like Halloween.  From the very beginning, we worked with the client to develop the logo and tagline “The Next Chapter” which played right into her theme. 

Guests first got to see the logo on the custom created book marks that served as seating cards and greeted the guests as they entered the ball room. 

As guests made their way into the ballroom, they saw inviting tables that were dressed with burnt orange linens, set with gold chivari chairs with violet seat cushions surrounding the tables. Gold charges were placed around the tables topped with violet pocket-folded napkins and custom printed menu cards on parchment stock printed in violet ink (to match the seating cards and table numbers) tucked inside. 

In the center of each table, stood three hardbound books, covered in one of 18 of the client’s favorite titles, surrounding an elegant bouquet of mixed purple and orange flowers peaking over the tops of the books, to finish the table.  Each display was bound together by alternating purple and orange ribbon which we custom ordered for the client. 

At the end of the event, all of the children received customized hooded sweatshirts detailed with the client’s personal logo.  The girls received purple sweatshirts with white screening, wrapped in the custom orange ribbon and the boys received light grey with purple screening, wrapped in the custom purple ribbon.  Interesting side note, several of the boys asked if they could have a purple sweatshirt instead of the grey one. 

These two events were planned and decorated with both a child and adult audience in mind.  Both clients were thrilled with what we created for them and gave them the perfect setting for their events.

However, we wanted to go a step further and show an inspired digital table display that you could use for another event that included purple and orange tones, for either a more adult themed event or Halloween party.

In this display we draped the wall with deep royal purple curtains with accents of shimmering purple.  We used a black wooden table with black chairs, and added orange seat cushions to have them pop out against the rich dark wall draping. The table display included a bouquet of orange roses inside a glass vase sitting on top of a matching dark royal purple table runner. A set of glass wine glasses and water glasses, and glass candle stick holders matched well with the glass vase. We chose square plates to add contrast with the oval table and orange napkins and silver colored silver ware. 

Don’t be afraid of bold colors.  When combined in the right way, they can make for a fun, elegant and inviting setting for any event.

Yours in planning,

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